Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh. My. God, Becky...

This is going to be brief as not only have I opened this blog tonight but I have also posted three separate posts before this one.
Last night I went with my hetero life mate Rosa to the Y to work out. Usually we go primarily for Zumba, but we're branching out. So we both rode the elliptical for half an hour each. I learned something very important last night on the elliptical. Ear buds MATTER. I had forgotten mine so I just had my phone with my infinite playlist. So, in desperate need of music, I just turned it on so that I could hear it. Luckily, everyone ELSE had ear buds and didn't have a chance of catching the lyrics to Down With the Sickness or Baby Got Back that was wafting out of my iPhone. When you're music is under scrutiny it's a lot more obvious to you what might offend other people. Case in point the last verse of Down With the Sickness. Or every verse.
My bad.
We then proceeded to lift weights. It was then I learned, as I entered my cardio and weights into MyFitnessPal, that lifting weights does not earn you any extra calories. Thanks a lot. Good to know. So I earned myself a cool extra 310 calories for the day. Awesome.
The unfortunate part about being busy is that sometimes you just don't get around to eating. I know that you are supposed to eat something within 30 minutes of exercising to help the recovery effort. I did not do this. What did I do? I got home and put my kids to bed and woke up at about 11:30 asleep on the couch with my younger son. So I put him in the bed and realized I had never eaten. So at almost midnight last night I sat in the completely dark living room and ate a carefully measured bowl of Lucky Charms. And I still came out 371 calories under my limit. My FaceBook Status confirms it.
Then today I got up and cooked breakfast for everyone. I ate half a bagel and a scant spreading of cream cheese. I then acquired the Rosa and we went back to the Y for more cardio-mania. Having remembered my precious ear buds that seem to be warping the shape of my ear canal (thanks, Apple. 'Preciate it.), I was able to go for much longer on the elliptical. I ended up doing about an hour and a half and racking up alkmost 700 calories. Then I did some squats on the Smith machine. I basically started the day with almost 1700 calories. It was already noon. What was I supposed to do with that? Start eating fettucine alfredo? Not a bad idea, but no.
I had homemade tuna salad for lunch, of which I will be making more. Then I had roasted vegetables for supper. Doesn't sound like enough? It wasn't. I stand here as I type, the clock on the stove says 11:09, and I am still shy almost 1100 calories. I don't know what to do. I actually am hungry, but I don't know what to eat.
See, I may be all brave posting my weight and measurements and stuff, but I still hit points where I haven't got a clue in hell what I'm really doing. I do know, though, that if I eat too little then I will start to store it. This I know.
Where did I put the Lucky Charms?

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